Nor’Easter “Mega” Storm begets first snow day for kids in 5 yrs

I received several calls from friends on the west coast. Most were mocking “Yo! I’m in shorts on the beach how’s the bikini’s out there!” and several were of concern as the west coast was marketing the snow storm as the “Mega Storm” and “Largest in 5 years”. We did in fact have our first “Snow Day” in Manhattan in 5 years and I saw more than a few kids around the hood, building sled ramps or stock pilling snowballs to throw at cabs but for the most part it ended up being more of an annoyance.

I made it out side for 30 minutes I could spare in this crisp 15 degree air to snap a few photos. I wish I had the time to make it up to Central Park but alas, work is taking precedent. Here’s a few of SOHO and Greenwich village after the 8″ that fell in the city yesterday.

Snow Day is coming with light constant fluries over the night

Tonight the largest nor-easter is sweeping through the north east. All flights coming into airports from Boston down to VA have been canceled today and tomorrow. Schools have already announced their closures as a result of the 6″ to 12″ of snow to drop in the next two days. Should be a great day tomorrow to work from home and I hope to get out some tomorrow to practice some winter shots.

Hot and Cold in LA

A friend of mine sent me this pic of LA. It’s 75 degrees and still got powder up in the mountains. It’s weather like this that only makes me miss California. I can never complain about my residential location but this hot n cold business needs to stabilize.

Katy Perry- Hot N’ Cold (LMFAO Remix)

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Heat rocks NYC

We’re day three of a major heat wave in New York this week. It started Friday but wasn’t over 90 F even though with humidity it felt over 90. Sunday’s high in Central Park was 93, just shy of the 95 degree record for the date, set in 1933.

On Saturday, the high was 97 with high humidity so it felt like 105. I spent a few hours running errands and ended up at the Big Apple Blockparty BBQ again this year. Unfortunately we couldn’t do anything but hang in the shade and drink cold brew. We took out the evening with a roof top bbq through the morning.

New Yorkers in general were temperamental in this heat. This weekend’s day game at Yankee’s stadium on Sunday, in the fifth inning of the Kansas City Royals-Yankees game, fans cheered loudly when a cloud moved in front of the sun, then booed moments later when the sun returned.

Also on Sunday was the annual mess that is the Puerto Rican Day Parade. They had problems last year and years before as well as mass woman/sexual harassment during and after the parade but who knows if it got there this year. I doubt people had the energy to flaunt as much excitement as they did last year.

With the heat to continue through Tuesday, still weeks before summer officially starts, I know we’re in for a long hot summer.

Coldest Easter Ever

Happy Easter! and make sure you still have those parkas! I don’t have time to research NY but it’s certainly close to the coldest Easter on the East coast in spots south of here like VA, NC and KY ( We had snow flurries today, which made this a colder day than the week of Christmas last year as well as forcing the ladies to keep all those “ultra-short” shorts I’ve been seeing around town new, for 2007, from coming out for the first time:

We started the morning with a hectic “Easter” brunch at Grey Dog’s Cafe, which is not an uncommon spectacle in this U of Michigan alumni owned west village spot (I now only go for the banana bread, chai and maybe a sandwich if it’s not too busy). Gotta say I thought the breakfasts were better before but I’ll still wander in when in the hood. We killed some time across the street at “Unoppressive Non-Imperialist Bargain Books” store, which if ever on Carmine St, is a good walk in for those that like cheap books with cheap covers (lots of hon-fiction mixed with political and philosophy).

We headed to the NY International Auto Show shortly after and I’ll make a follow up post on that sooner than later (I hope).

Enjoy the rest of the week, it can only get warmer right? …to think spring was supposed to start over 2 weeks ago.

Presidential Easter Egg roll:

The Terminal

Every 15 minutes another half hour customer call… backing up and over loading my voicemail. The constant 2nd line beeps and stress was mounting as I struggle to handle the volume of inbound requests. I had a “hard stop” at 3:30 and scooped all my gear into the computer back in one grasp. Spiraling down the staircase, holding a bag of chips n salsa from lunch, my work gear in the other, I rushed to met my girl and catch a train for my “secret” trip to the bay area…

This was the surprise trip home I had set up months in advance with her friends back in San Jose and her mile stone birthday, 25. Coordinating a get-together with her friends, and with most groups is a pain but making sure everyone’s in town, getting them all to be in the same spot in one time and just participating in the coordination is a nightmare. After a while, I passed the baton to one of her good friends and just made the commitment I would get her to the party. The surprise of course never materialized at the airport terminal like I had planned, mark that one up to her constant picking and nagging like a child in Toys R US weeks before Christmas.

Sprinting home in 85 degree heat, 95% humidity and flash thunderstorms, I’m taking on water more from my over extended pores than the deepening sidewalk puddles. I’m cold-blooded and 85 in California can make me sweat but today I was losing 4 lbs. before making it to the 6 floor walk up.

I always forget a few things in such a rush but I know we remembered the essentials and headed down to the A train, our destination was JFK via Howard Beach Airtrain. She kept looking at me saying “we should have taken a cab” but my legacy KC watch said 4:30 and we had plenty of time to make it to the gate. We were riding the express A train through Brooklyn and I over heard someone comment “this train is like a refugee shuttle”… I’ve never experienced a camp personally but if it’s like having a full mix of different sized, colored, and strongly smelling people sardined into one car for 45 min then this is just like immigration.

We got to the terminal… dip the credit card at the AirTrain ticket machine…no-no-yes-boarding pass-double time the escalator-cut the line of 20 already disgruntled travels-shove all my metal into my most easily accessible of computer bag pockets at the same time I’m untying my shoes-laptop out-breath-walk non threateningly through security gates with boarding pass-lace up-sprint to gate 7 to make our flight by 15 minutes….huff-huff-huff-huff-huffffffffffffff……

Wait…. its exceptionally crowded at the gate and the first thing I notice is the fans and unlike our subway ride, the terminal air temp is MUCH hotter. Then I notice these people are ready to head to CA but are not on the plane. I approach the gate counter, a warning ominously blinks on the board… D… DEL….DELAYED.


I finally have a moment to shoulder my brow sweat and assess my situation. All the gates are full with frowning not so soon to be passengers, each vying for the next seats out of New York as they too are delayed. Next food court but there’s a line outside the New York Sports Grill 10 deep. Both mens and womens bathrooms backed up with reluctant travelers not wanting to experience the capacity overloaded stalls.

We knew there was a storm on the horizon but assumed prematurely the nor-easter would not effect Chicago and the midwest flight plans as to carry over to the Northeastern ports… The boards are showing us our flight is 5 hours delayed and now we’re stuck in Terminal hell. What else to do but to check the internet or goof with some puddy and take down some sake at the sushi bar!!!

It’s been 3 hours and we’ve expended the majority of our comedy and patience. People are irritable, arguing with the staff and getting screwed with their travel arrangements. Flights are canceling and the chance of ours dying on the tarmac is growing more realistic. The girl is sleeping and I’m fighting with other electronic device commissioned passengers for power plug space. Finally we get the announcement, it’s a few minutes past 10 pm and I’m closing this one up… I do hope I make it on and out.

UPDATE: We made it to Oakland, it was 2 am when we finally landed, almost 7 hours after we should have. At least Jetblue trys to flater us along the way:

What’s not to love about NYC?

This… before I even step out, I know that the weather is “Fuckin’ Cold” – it feels like 2 degrees! And then when you talk to people on the street they’re cra’gie mind comes up with a sick justification: “This is nothing… wait till next month when its snowing sideways and 10 below… we’re getting off easy!”

Fuckers. And just last night the jackass CBS weather guy said the normal High at this time is 44 and we have averaged 22 F this year.