Nor’Easter “Mega” Storm begets first snow day for kids in 5 yrs

I received several calls from friends on the west coast. Most were mocking “Yo! I’m in shorts on the beach how’s the bikini’s out there!” and several were of concern as the west coast was marketing the snow storm as the “Mega Storm” and “Largest in 5 years”. We did in fact have our first “Snow Day” in Manhattan in 5 years and I saw more than a few kids around the hood, building sled ramps or stock pilling snowballs to throw at cabs but for the most part it ended up being more of an annoyance.

I made it out side for 30 minutes I could spare in this crisp 15 degree air to snap a few photos. I wish I had the time to make it up to Central Park but alas, work is taking precedent. Here’s a few of SOHO and Greenwich village after the 8″ that fell in the city yesterday.