Healthcare has passed and the GOP is pissed

And so it begins…. is now redirecting to this:

Are there any constructive ideas coming from today’s GOP party? Any? Are there any alternative proposals? Is there anything that the GOP is offering to do for the people other than spit on the opposition, spread hate, vandalize Democratic representative offices and spout general bull shit lies?

Let’s all step back and look at this from 10, 20 or even 50 years out…

Whether you are D, R, I, G, or whatever political party, Obama has sealed his legacy as a President of importance to the nation of Americans. He’s brought back the economy from the brink of collapse, started to wind down 2 wars, returned international respect by the rest of the world powers and has now passed historic legislation to improve the health and financial well being of millions of Americans. Historians will not care how the legislation was passed but that the Democrats and Obama were able to do it for the people in the year 2010. Whether it stays intact, remains to be scene but this is a historic positive to be attributed to a president.

However, the questions still remain. Does anyone really know what was passed or needs to be reconciled? No, of course not – who has time to actually read sources; certainly not politicians, bloggers, Fox or protesters. I found a very good breakdown from the NY Times on each step that’s being proposed. I’ve read through most of this and even I can say I’m not satisfied with all the proposals (mandates, taxes, and how will the insurance firms respond to the increases they’ll have to pay are some of them) but I’m happy to see something come to resolution. Ted Kennedy is proud.

Maybe the people we hired to run our government (all the GOP and those Dems that voted NO) can CONTINUE to turn inward and throw up a big enough mirror to the GOP to show that their efforts are not contributing to a better society. The GOP is in fact creating this:

Is this the type of leadership they would like us all to believe they stand for? I surely hope not.

This is not Detroit, man, this is the Super Bowl!

I watched both the Jets-Colts and Vikings-Saints game on Sunday. The Jets made it close in the first half, until Manning decided to step up and stop playing games with the Jets D line. The more exciting and excruciatingly painful game was the Vikings-Saints.

The Viks had every opportunity to win that game as a team with 4 turnovers going driving down the field the last few minutes of the 4th quarter, and a tied score on the field – the miracle was about to happen. Even the stupid 12 man penalty was forgotten when a field goal for the win was looking to be in reach. When Farve stepped up to throw what might be his last pass of his career:

Paul Allen of KFAN Radio in Minneapolis-St. Paul said it best, Brett could have taken a knee or ran up the field a few yards but did not need to force the throw. Toni Monkovic of NY Times notes the irony of both the blown play and one of the greatest of the season, held by Bret Farve this season.

With the 2010 game being the first Saints Superbowl, I’m on the side of Drew Brees to take the Gold and Black to the title.

Walk Away From Your Debt!

This NY Times article hails home owners that are well underwater on their homes, to walk from their mortgage. If the big banks can walk from their debt, why shouldn’t you? Well Henry M. Paulson Jr. declared that “any homeowner who can afford his mortgage payment but chooses to walk away from an underwater property is simply a speculator — and one who is not honoring his obligation.” (Paulson presumably was not so censorious of speculation during his 32-year career at Goldman Sachs.)

Of course this action has serious credit repercussions, but cares to hold onto property that won’t reach it’s paid value for 60+ years. If the banks can liquidate bad debt like tossing out a bubble gum wrapper, why shouldn’t you right! We’re no longer a country of risk anymore. Go ahead and buy that new car, on credit even! You can’t afford it but you really really want it (and have convinced yourself you deserve it too).

Phil Collins – “Take Me Home” (12″ Extended Version)

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