French electro pop garners proper attention…from male eyes

French house and electro pop has always been associated (to me) with new disco and filtered funk 4/4 beats. I think my first French house track I bought and loved was Daft Punk’s “Da Funk” – which I still love and would play today. Later their Homework album opened the door to a short disco house era blown up by Stardust’s “Music sounds better without you”.

Today, my French house bag holds more of the deep house, trip hop and laid back tunes coming from artists like St. Germain, Laurent Garnier, Modjo, Air and Stephane Pompougnac, but I still keep in rotation tracks from Dimitri from Paris, Sabastien Lager, Bob Sinclar, Justice, and Rinôçérôse.

I just watched the video for “Baby Baby Baby” by Make The Girl Dance, a new French Pop group sure to break out this year with at least attention paid from the male audiences. Since I don’t read French (and have the time to dig-translate-report), the best I can understand from them is that they like to “make music to make the girls dance”. I and many men (and women) can get behind that:


The video is more entertaining than the track (check the lyrics below), but it has potential to cross over to the US clubs and I hope there’s some good remixes that come out from this (Justice?).

I want to have Sebastien Tellier on my Ipod; I want your Mom’s Black AMEX; I want your dad’s car; I want to go out with your friends; I will wear my cutest panties; I want a hot sex session; You can look but you can’t touch.

I want to be in Justice top friends; Gaspard’s hand on my thigh; I want to be able to count without my fingers; And I want yours in the right spot; I don’t want to take the stairs; Carry me in your arms then; I want to be the only person on pictures; And I want to model for Yves Saint Laurent; I want geniuses as children; And I want my dog to graduate; I want your head on a tray; I want mine on TV.

I dont want a piece of cake, I just want blow; I dont want Kate, I want Ethan Hawke; I want to jump off of big ladder; do as you can for the rainbow; i want chocolate and vanilla flavoured ice cream; i want your balls to be blueberry flavoured; I want to dance like Vanessa Paradis; I want to see her boyfriend at Ibiza; I want to be asleep when you wake up; and I want Yelle’s tshirt; I want to fit in all my jeans; and I want you to make me presents with your pay check; I want ice cubes in my glass; I want to make your grandma smoke weed; I saw your stupid ex blah blah blah

Ah yes. Perfect for the NY Club scene girls at Cain, Luxe, Eldridge, or Oak 1.

Daft Punk – “Da Funk”

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Stardust (Still getting reworked 10 years later) – Music Sounds Better With You (2009 Dirty Bergeon Remix)

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New York Pole Tax Proposed

Felix Ortiz, a Brooklyn Democrat assemblyman introduced a bill on March 11th, that would require patrons of any NY State strip club, to pay and extra $10 cover charge, oops I mean “tax”, every time they enter the club or topless joint. Felix claims the new tax could raise as much as $500 million for victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual abuse and child prostitution.

So it’s a NY style government shake down???

For one, I’ve found these type of taxes very unreasonable for several reasons. The Gov has no transparency so there’s really nothing public that can be used to track this tax back to the very programs he’s proposing. I see this as yet another “tax” generated by the NY state assemble and primarily pushed by Gov. Paterson, to minimize the state’s $14 billion budget deficit which ultimately will be forced upon New York City residents. Also been proposed are taxes on internet downloads such as mp3s and movies, including those in the Adult entertainment business.

Apparently states have increasingly turned to the adult-entertainment industry, this and the booze industry, which are the only ones still making money, to help close budget gaps in recent years.

NY isn’t the first, Texas lawmakers pitched a bill which would require a $5 “pole tax” which was later found to be unconstitutional by a state judge. Judge Scott Jenkins wrote that the fee, “while furthering laudable goals, violates the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is therefore invalid.”

“The bottom line is, we have to protect people who have been victimized by unscrupulous individuals, and we cannot continue, especially in this economy, to have government pay for everything,” Ortiz said.

Fuck you Ortiz! Entering a strip clubs is a protected First Amendment activity. There hasn’t been any evidence provided that combining alcohol (or zero alcohol for full nude clubs) with topless erotic dancing correlates to sexual assaults, domestic violence or contributes to child prostitution. Where is the straight line from child porn/prostitution to adult entertainment? He’s just proposed taking more money away from law abiding citizens (both the patrons and the dancers as this would effect how much a participant contributes to the activity) so essentially the govt CAN pay for unrelated services.

Stripping may be politically unpopular, it is a guaranteed right for the citizens of the state and the US. Even if the state were to get by the constitutionality of the tax, there is no plausibly good reason that tax code should be a substitute for the criminal code. No one would object to contributing to educating and preventing sexually related crimes, however, I would hope communities locally and societies everywhere would want to fund such programs generally.

T-Pain – I’m in Love with a Stripper

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Man with “breast” implants

Probably not what you thought. Check this cat out from Canada, Lane Jensen; a body art specialist (Senior Piercer and co-owner of Dragon FX Kingsway Tattoos and Piercing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) and photographer (Editor in Chief of Tattoo & Piercing Magazine) who recently had a pair of silicon implants inserted under his chick tat, on his leg.

Because over the past few years, more money has been spent on breast implants and VIAGRA than is spent on Alzheimer’s Disease research, it is believed that by the year 2030 there will be a large number of people wandering around with huge breasts and erections…who can’t remember what to do with them. ~ Andy Rooney