I’m Back!!

The time has come to end joy itself
I’ve left my problems up on the shelf
The work days over and I’ve got it made
like Johnny Kemp said I just got paid….

It only took just over 1 year to get this thing back up; I’ve been spending too much time over at tumblr… I have about 50+ DRAFT posts started since 2010 and you’ll probably see a few pop in here and updated. I know that’s not proper journalistic integrity but for future archive history I’d like these notes of my personal journal to properly reflect their timeline. My stats show that no one is reading this because of my absence so it doesn’t matter anyway. Cheers to the next!

New Tumblr Feed – Austin Vegas Dot Dot Dot

To my 147 RSS Feedsubscribers…. I’m sure you’ve never been to the other pages on AustinVegas.com so I wanted to send an update on the About page (which hasn’t been updated in quite some time) and provide a new feed for subscription to my Tumblr page (design tweeks to follow). The intention is for the content to be different for both feeds… One for original content (this site: Photography, commentary, daily diary etc.) and one for reblogging other peoples content (reposts, funnies, videos etc…) which is the Tumblr account

Subscribe here:


Let me know if you have any comments or feedback! cheers

2007 predictions from Wired

Here are some predictions for 2007: Wired. I don’t see how many of these are actually “Wild”

* Google Stock Hits $1,000 per Share

* Internet Traffic Doubles …

to 5,000 petabits per day by the end of 2007. And 80 percent of it is peer-to-peer file sharing, mostly Skype video and BitTorrent.

* BitTorrent on TiVo

Speaking of, digital video recorders get BitTorrent baked in, bringing internet video to the living room.

* Spam Doubles

No-brainer — but no one cares because we’re all using IM, especially at work.

* Second Life Ends a Life

Skullduggery in Second Life — probably digital adultery — ends in a real-life murder.

* Year o’ the Laptop

Half of all new computers sold in 2007 will be laptops and 20 percent of those will be Apple’s MacBooks.

* Print to Web

A major newspaper gives up printing on paper to publish exclusively online.

* Semel Says ‘Sayonara’

Yahoo CEO Terry Semel discovers he wants to spend more time with his family.

* Apple Goes Apple

The entire Beatles catalog is licensed exclusively to iTunes for a year.

* HD-DVD Wins

HD-DVD is the clear winner over Blu-ray in the DVD format wars. Oh yeah, and the PS3 is a bust.

* Implantable Contact Lenses

Synthetic corneas will be approved by the Food and Drug Administration, allowing the shortsighted to have artificial contact lenses transplanted right into their eyes. No more popping out!

* Digg Becomes the New Friendster

Digg holds out for a big payday but ends up like Friendster (i.e., no friends).

* No More Dads

Artificial gametes made from female eggs are sold over the internet, making fathers biologically irrelevant.

* PaedoSpace

Sex offenders start their own social networking service. It’s popular on Capitol Hill.

* Life on Mars

One of the Mars rovers lasts another year on the red planet (making it four years total). The other plunges into a crater.

* Greenland Becomes Green

As the ice melts, Greenland becomes literally green.

* Raelians Need Not Apply

A human embryo is cloned for real.

* First AT&T, Then Google

A whistle-blower reveals that the National Security Agency has been wiretapping Google for some time.

* Google Goes G-Man

Google gives up search queries to the feds. Likely scenario: The FBI asks who’s been searching for terms like “dirty bomb” and Google hands over all the IP addresses.

* Don’t Don’t Be Evil

Google drops “Don’t be evil” as its corporate mantra. Evil has its justifications, but no one likes a hypocrite.

* DNA Database for Athletes

To stamp out doping, the Olympic Committee orders all athletes to submit DNA samples to a global database, which matches blood found in doping forensics to cheats. Forensics include needles, tubes, bags of blood and skin cells on stacks of 100-euro notes seized at doping clinics.

* Online Sitcom Picked Up by Network

Encouraged by the news, the internet becomes home to 5,000 clones of Friends, shot by friends using their friends but unwatched even by their friends.

* They’re Watching You

Congress passes a law requiring internet service providers to keep logs of all web traffic and e-mail for three years.

* NYT Goes Free

The New York Times opens its archives from behind the paid firewall, realizing it’s more lucrative to be the internet’s paper of record than charging readers for individual stories. Thankfully, Thomas Friedman’s clich�s and mixed metaphors remain behind the pay firewall for at least two weeks.

* MySpace Spaces Out

MySpace splinters as teens head for niche sites. New services that control profiles across multiple social networking sites begin to take off.

MD is the new Phil…

Everyone has those friends that either have tons of time on their hands to search for sweet internet snap shots of wasted time or others that are the forward kings and seem to just blindly forward on any and every email they receive regardless of content or entertainment value. Some of these friends we just block, add to our spam filters or just create folders for all their mail only to review once a week for real content or when asked up front “did you get my last message…you didn’t respond”. One such friend I have, we’ve encouraged to create a blog with all this content that’s been filling our inbox folders – which for the most part is good stuff – and funnel it through a website we can check on our own time… ie create a blog.

So one night, in mid session of beers, we forced the hand and created it for him – he’s been off and running like a true blogger ever since : The Minor Ripper. Discovering formatting, styles, adware, content, html code, tracking and even improved writing skills all come with the development of such projects. And now, not only can we check the content when we want to – comment publicly on the value of said content, but so can other like minded people out in the “blogsphere”…

In a way we’ve created a monster as he keeps up with the best of the rapid fire posters of the blogspot world. So when I came across this site today it reminded me of what the Ripper could be come… careful MD obsession is in you…

Click on picture to link through to PhilTube:

Music Hyping

How do you stay on top of the latest music available. Music Magazines? No they are published once a month, by the time you read em, the hype is dead. Myspace? Great for bands but you have to actively search out what you want and relying on their top pics is now like asking a store clerk “What are the specials today?”. I read today about a great MP3 Blog aggregator site called The Hype Machine

The site is set up and run by a college student here in New York. It’s set up to scan music blogs for posts with links to mp3s, indexes those posts and provides the reader access to listen to the music, read the review/blog on the track and even purchase the music through Amazon or iTunes.

I’ve only been viewing this for a few days but I can see this page being a jump of point for most of my future music searches.

Check out the Hype