DJin on Friday

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Apr 112002

Completely belated on this post but I thought I would reminisce on what I did have goin on for the weekend. So I was spinning at Cloud 9 Motel this weekend with half the percussion crew (Mike G.) in the basement. This place is a recently renovated loft to club in the Market St. district on 7th. Posh with greko statues, rotating couches, a sanitary white VIP upstairs room and a hot as f*@k basement – only cuz Mike and I were rockin the house.

For those that would like to check it, expect goud music, tall white people, and small drinks but if this is the “no-sign-on-the-door” underground place you like to hang at with great music then come on down to the vacant lot on 7th and go right in. I had a great time and hope to come back to check out the damn fine bartenders at this place and possibly hit the decks again.

Next day we all went to Ella’s for the some of the best damn pancakes I’ve ever had. Have a Bloody Mary or some fresh squeezed OJ, the banana pancakes or the French toast for a great start on your morning. Either way expect to wait in line so don’t come too hungry. It’s all worth the wait. (Ella’s is on Presido and California in SF)

Speaking of Bloody Mary’s nobody does a bloody Mary better than McCarthy’s in good old San Luis Obispo. If ever in that town you much check the great peeps at this pub and have Guiness or B Mary before you stagger out. Just don’t fuck with Jerry (some cunt’s story)!

Easter Island Sunday

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Apr 012002

So how many of you are just worthless sheep that are going through the motions of Easter because it’s another one of those stupid family holidays… I know who you are and how you think…I was probably one of them… Yet my education has evolved and now it’s still a family holiday more than a religious one, I still respect the evolution of this fine time. See who knew a bunch of Aliens would bring stone statues and colored egg bearing rabbits to our planet on the same weekend. I just hope they are not taking notes from Martha Stewart.

Did You Know: The Celts, practiced a religion called Druidism which revolved around the beliefs in a many god mythology. It was believed that evil spirits captured the sun god and thus lay upon our planet the season of winter. Around the beginning of Spring, they would light up huge bonfires to frighten the evil spirits into releasing the sun, and have an another excuse to drink lots of Ale and throw slabs of beef and lamb on the fire. I’m surprised Nantosuelta couldn’t resist the play but ya know I really didn’t read that far into Celtic mythology. The point: The lighting of bonfires are still a part of Easter celebrations in some countries today such as in Germany and Belgium. Today, these bonfires represent the light coming to the world through Christ. Ironic how some Catholics took this ritual from a Pagan religion but I think humans are typically pyromaniacs.

If you don’t know what Easter is like for many multi-cultured Americans, here’s a quick education on Easter artifacts: which can give you a 5th grader explanation to all things Easter, rather than touching of the Christian importance/beliefs of renewal and new life after death. I’m all for new beginnings and it just so happens I believe in some form of resurrection, but it would take many beers and much more than a journal post to go that deep.

..::.:…::.:::Remember Tomorrow!..:.:…:::…::..

The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year. — Mark Twain

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Mar 152002

“Attorney General Ashcroft has ordered the Justice Department to cover with draperies the single bare breast of the female statue Spirit of Justice which stands in the Great Hall at the Justice Department.”

This is actually old news but WHAT!?! is this country coming to! How are these people so conservative that they can not stand to look at the naked breasts of a national monument symbolizing our nation’s mantra of freedom and justice for all? How is this pornographic? Maybe if the lady justice had nipple clamps, a sex toy in one hand and a tube o lube in the other (for Ashcroft’s ass) but come on! The European community, have been and are still, laughing their ass off at how critical this country is about the human form. Ashcroft: “Yes they are breasts! Everyone has them, and you should try to take your mouth off you’re mom’s and go find a few to play with yourself!”

Sometimes I truly despise the closed minded nature of our government and the GP of this country. We tout freedoms, but then try to oppose our own beliefs on to others as if they are the only true word. Then behind closed doors our hypocrisy is revealed as we divulge in every one of the seven deadly sins, claiming it was all for private pleasure. Surprising the world, as it is all reveled caught on videotape and broadcasted on the net.

I hope sometime in my life time the American government and its general public will wake up to their double standards, and become honest with others, and themselves. It’s a short life. I live it as best as I see fit (as you should), and my advice is to never live your worthless life in the way others would like you to live it. It’s really only worthless if you’re a sheep. Make honest decisions based on your beliefs that serve your own needs, not to oppose and oppress these beliefs on to others. And uncover that Tit!

Now I have to go and sell hardware to people that don’t need it. Ciao!

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Canadian Fashion

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Mar 072002

So close but alas, no. If she just got some nice Manolo Blahnik heels she could have pushed that flat ass out a bit and wouldn’t need two umbrellas to hold off the oncoming splashes of puke.

That too might be a “boxy-moron” but these cats do know some comedy. If you haven’t checked out this Canadian mag, it’s worth a look: Vice (Also linked on my Time Wasters page so this betta not be a new find for you) To the left and right is some of their Dos and Don’t column which gets me everytime. And other articles like the one below.

Now we know what Outkast were talking about when they said ‘so fresh and so clean.’ You almost have to be a virgin to rock a matching pink belt and tie, but he’s probably not. He probably gets the blow jobs.

“….Introduce him to a hot girlfriend of yours. Not only does he see more options on the horizon, he now has all kinds of bisexual fantasies to add to the mix. My friend Jessica is always down, because she knows she’s getting an expensive meal or free booze. Allowing him to meet your friends makes him feel like part of the gang. Like he’s making moves. Be careful though. Bring them around only once or twice. You don’t want him moving on to your friend. …..”
from Vice’s guide to Gold Diggin’

I have no Idea what is up with the header space but I’m too tired to figure it out now …zzzzzzzzzzz………..

Who’s your Daddy!

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Mar 042002

What!?! Someone stole my personal’s ad and put their name on it! How dare they! This is what that bastard posted in his name from Craigslist:

Daddy’s Looking For His Bad Little Slutty Girl…When He Finds Her…

Reply to:
Date: Sun Mar 3 21:29:01 2002

You bad little girl. I know you’re peeking around on CL looking for a spanking. Well Daddy’s waiting…come over here and lift that hot little skirt up…that’s it…I’ll spank you as hard as you need to teach you a lesson, then rub it and make you feel all better, and then do it all again, and whatever else you might need…Bad Girls only…responses with pictures get priority…Hot, Good-Looking Daddy (SWM, 36, 6 foot tall; muscular and lean) is home tonight waiting to provide your sensual discipline and pleasure…all limits respected…

Hmmmm…..Or, I could just keep Mommy company while daddy’s rotting away in jail somewhere. Either way this was quite fun or sick depending on what angle you’re looking at.

* * * @ * @ *@ * @ * @ * * *

I feel like Zsa Zsa Gabor’s sixth husband.
I know what I’m supposed to do,
but I don’t know how to make it interesting.
-Milton Berle, when called to the microphone at the 2nd Annual Comedians Hall of Fame Inductions


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Mar 012002

Jenuine Oak Coals Kook Our Steaks

I’m going to squeeze my entire weekend vacation to Pismo Beach down to a three sentence highlight and then focus on JOCKOS! Spent a much need relaxin weekend on the beach, drinkin, mobbin in the 4 through the Oceano Dunes (history lesson), and celebrating a little Mardi Gras DT, San Luis Style. The city of San Luis Obispo ended the 23 year tradition of the Mardi Gras parade by canceling it this year mostly because the up-tight Cottonheads that run this “college” town can’t stand for a bunch of kids to have a little fun and let loose (read too many titties!). So besides my shattering but not so surprising news the rest of my post to you is on this Jewel of a restaurant in a small town south of Pismo Beach called Nipomo.

For those that are not meat eaters, move on from this post. Jockos is the epitome of Bar-B-Q on the central coast! You drive up, middle of nowhere to standard red shack of a restaurant. The crackling fire and smells of the classic “Santa Maria oak” barbecue make any die-hard cowboy’s cheeks leak. This is a find of a place, were the company is all locals and the decor is stocked with stuffed deer, bull, and I think possum on all the bar walls. Make a call in, or drop by, you are waiting regardless…this place is PACKED! We called ahead and this place has a 3 dollar corking fee for wine!!! We brought 3 bottles. And if drinks can’t keep you till you sit, they have a trailer park style collection of plastic rapped garlic sticks or saltine crackers to munch on. But don’t go for the bread. Steak is all you’re gonna order. I went balls out and ordered the New York and the baked potato with everything. Next the waiter goes in the back and hacks off your meat from the bovine and two-handed, flips that slab up on the outdoor grill. Half-hour later you get a plate of the biggest steak I’ve ever tried to finish and an Idaho tater the size of my foot (I have a 11 if you’re wondering). mmmmmmmmm……

No need for steak sauce, pepper, or any other condiment. Perfection. This is a must if you roll though Nipomo around dinnertime, just make sure you leave yourself an extra hour to digest before getting back on the road or face nap-time on the 101. You’ll notice my description runs much like the history of the place. Check out some classic California cowboy tales and check this historic joint out.

History of Jocko’s Restaurant

In 1886, Emery Knotts opened a saloon on Tefft Street in Nipomo. In 1888 a fire burned an entire block in the area of the saloon. The building was relocated to the west side of Thompson Street in the block just south of the present Jocko’s Restaurant.

Emery had eight sons who helped run the saloon or “tended bar” over the years. One of Emery’s sons was Ralph “Jocko” Knotts. Jocko was the second licensed driver in Nipomo, he was also “justice of the Pease”. In 1909 Jocko married Mollie Dallesi. Mollie was the first telephone operator in Nipomo and also a postmistress. Together they raised seven children: George, Patrick William (“Pookey”), Adela (“Sissy”), Marie (“Nunie”), Fred, James (“Beagle”) and Richard.

During the time of prohibition, 1920-1930, Jocko ran a garage and service station in Nipomo. It is rumored that even then Jocko sold booze, white lightin’ and homemade brew out of the trunk of a car.

Sometime during 1926 Jocko and “Bull” Tognazzini (who owned Bull’s bar and restaurant in San Luis Obispo) opened a saloon/watering hole at one end of the garage called “Jocko’s Cage.” During the “flapper forties,” there were slot machines places periodically in the bar. For about a month, there was a card room for poker playing. Jocko ran the bar very successfully until he died in 1952.

Jocko’s son, Fred, ran “Jocko’s Cage” until about 1956. He and his older brother, George, who had assumed operation of Grandfather Emery’s saloon at the end of World War II, joined together and opened a restaurant and bar. They started out serving barbecue on Saturdays and Sundays and provided horseshoe pits under the pepper trees for entertainment. This also proved very successful. Together, they combined their resources at this location. George gave up the saloon operation across Thompson in 1957. Adjacent to “Jocko’s Cage,” on Thompson Street was an old renovated streetcar in which the Arrellanes family maintained a lunch counter, serving tamales and other delicious Mexican dishes. Eventually, Fred and George took over the use for additional seating, since their barbecues had substantially increased their business.

During the late 1950′s this restaurant and bar was one of the most popular dining spots in the county. Jocko’s became well known to visitors who considered it the highlight of their visit to dine there and it continues to be so today. It is not unheard of for people to travel hundreds of miles to get to Jocko’s for the quote: “best steak dinner I’ve ever had”.

In order to satisfy popular demand, George and Fred opened a new barbecue restaurant and saloon in 1962 across the street on the corner of Tefft and Thompson streets in a newly constructed building. They “branded” the walls of their new building with cattle brands of former Nipomo ranches as well as those of current owners. Included is the brand of Captain William C. Dana, original owner of the 38,000 acre Nipomo rancho grant to whose family the Knotts bear a relationship.

An original drawing, drawn by the well known artist, Al Ash, of the cow, deer and baby Jocko the “bull hunter” still hangs prominently in Jocko’s bar. It is also believed that Al Ash gave Jocko his well-known name, which means “monkey”, which he founded during a trip to the Flieshaker Zoo in San Francisco. For years, there were monkeys in Jocko’s bar.

Jocko’s restaurant, first conceived and operated by his sons, George and Fred, in now operated by the late Fred’s wife, Sandy and their son Mike, they carry on the tradition and the name that has brought a modern-day fame to Nipomo.

So, as currently printed outside Jocko’s restaurant”
“Come in and monkey ’round”

Percussion Prism SF

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Feb 262002

Another late update, but you just have to know my personal exploits since it’s sooo important to me and very much a huge contribution to the “scene”. Well anyway I played again at the Cellar at the Percussion SF party and worked to make up for my Forum performance. I definitely think I did that with all those sorority girls dancing to my Les Deux Tours track with the Jenna Jamison samples…get’s em going every time…well every time since I’ve picked that up last month.

Ean Golden rocked the house the rest of the night with resident Sunil Kapadia working the crowd in there somewhere too. Now if you’re up on this, you know PercussionSF is branching out to Cloud 9 these days. Stay up and go check them out when you get a chance…just maybe I’ll be chilling with my PlaySkool turntable scratchin it up…

\_^ .^_/

“We cannot always assure the future of our friends; we have a better chance of assuring our future if we remember who our friends are.”
- Henry Kissinger

Feb 182002

I‘ve got to give big ups to Rob G, for having me come out and play. I do have to also apologize for going on the decks a little too drunk. I guess since I didn’t practice as much as I had wanted to I tried the liquid courage method to help me through… ohhh no.. Mangazam tells me later, he couldn’t believe the state I was right before I was going on. Well what ever. I had a blast, didn’t train wreck too many times and would definitely like to try and make up for my performance. Which I think I did at Percussion the next week.

If you haven’t been to the FORUM lately you should definitely put this on your to go list, well if you’re in the South Bay. The place is a converted theater, much, like Ruby Sky with out the balcony.
The feel is more chill though with a big emphasis on space to chill, chat and hang out rather than to dance. It’s been remodeled from the old Palace days and looking much better than most SF clubs. The crowd leaves much to be desired. As this caters to the more affluent crowd, there seems to be a reversely proportional number of musically intelligent clientel. No matter, they all get drunk and dance anyways. Too bad there’s not more strippers. Check out the local kids that play up there: Adam12 and Rauser and don’t wear jeans…

Dance is not an answer. Dance is a question. “Yes!” is the answer.

I just put my feet in the ground and move them around.
Fred Astaire

Feb 182002

So just about a month ago *so long before updates* I spent a week in the city with by beloved coworkers for a sales conference. No quotes this time because it actually lived up to its name. I’d love to babel on and on about what I learned, the gossip I heard, and what ever… but this forum is not for work. What we did do was to live it up every night in the Ci-tay. Staying in the financial district we were walking distance to strip clubs, bars, and hookers. woo hoo! What a conference.

The crew ended up sticking to a couple of bars, the first called the Red Room, a loungie kinda retro bar (827 Sutter St.
near Union Square). This is definitely the type of place suits go to get away from other suits. 50cent pool and we loaded the place for 5 days straight; they had a company intro written on the wall the last two days we swilled it up. I was witness to several acts of debauchery by my co-workers…too bad I’m not into blackmail *or have a need for it yet!*.

The top spot for the week was the Redwood Room at the Cliff hotel, owned by Ian Schrager. I’ve heard of this place as much as I’ve heard of the new Matrix bar and XYZ in the W Hotel, SF. Stylish, rich, stuffy and definitely a place to “see and be scene”. I guess I didn’t notice all that going on. Too busy watching that dent in my wallet get larger, every time I ordered a $9 beer or a $15 jack and coke. At least I drank first at the Red Room and only left $45 short. … Only… Still, I would say the only “fun” I had here was just bull shittin with the out-o-towners.

A few things I noticed about the joint and my time up in the city. Great place to just kick it and not drink, but rather peep watch or sit back and play back gammon with randoms as I picked up a few games. You might run into some celebs here, as I bumped into Slick Willie Brown on the way in. Don’t do drugs here… you’ll end up staring at the “moving” portraits all night. I noticed the power of a title here as I saw my CEO sell to another like titled silicon exec over a Brandy. That’s all there is to it eh? Light weights should not drink and try to grab cabs, saunas are not good place to drink when you’ve already dehydrated yourself on Captain and cokes, and my my my…do I need to salsa…there really are beautiful women in the Bay Area, they are just all living in SF and only come out during the day. I also need to move soon…

* * * * *

People who drink light ‘beer’ don’t like the taste of beer; they just like to pee a lot.
Capital Brewery, Middleton, WI

I drink to make other people interesting.
George Jean Nathan

JOY is for lovers

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Jan 182002

JOY! at the Forum

I should have posted this earlier, yet I still don’t have internet access at my house… *AHHH!!!* and it’s getting harder and harder to do these updates at work. So if you check this today. Come out!

Updates on my SF trip to come next….