Roadtrip to SLO

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Jun 032002

Let’s do an update on A-ber shall we? Sure. Well just about two weeks ago I set up with my boys Nick and Navin to roll to hometown college town of San Luis Obispo… First stop was DTzie! The Stones for a Tri-Tip and a Firestone brew. If you haven’t had a good tri-tip then head to the central coast. The fries, tip, self serve drinks, big screen TVs, the basty and all the charm of dumb college Sophomores. What more do you need?

Met up with some friends still hitting the 7 yr plan and proceeded to binge drink my former college self into a good time downtown that evening. Hitting most of the typical “hot” spots or whatever you can call them in SLO… Frog’s (Frog & Peach ~ a wanna be Irish pub) for a Guinness and to check out the local reggea band…on to Mission grill, formerly Mango’s but a good place to meet the spoiled meets Kid Rock types (yeah I met a chick who’s boyfriend calls himself Kid Rock). Didn’t dare venture into either Bulls or Fratasons (Madison?s ~ although I hear since the remodel it hasn’t kept it’s typical frat atmosphere). However, no trip to SLO with out the local spot at McCarthy’s. If anyone is happiest here it’s Jerry, cuz he stands at the door all day gawking at all the SLO ass…and at his age it’s all good – Don’t be fooled by the reality of it though.

I actually convinced my friends to head over to the old Z club, I mean Ra, well now it’s The Realm. Still owning after a few years… Still coming out of there sick from all the free drinks… I’ve got to abstain next time… Just something about that place makes you want to drink… it couldn’t be the women though…???

Ended up crashing at the no infamous Rock where I got worked at foose. Shit an I used to have a table too.

After some meandering around we headed south to SB. Ahh the land of sun….and….a college…and…what does SB have to offer. I’m not completely sure. I do know that it’s a kick ass party town, well that’s for those in Isla Vista, pizza and beer is a staple, lots of shopping on State St. and of course the beach. We chilled with a friend in the ghetto… She conveniently pointed out all the spots were people were jumped, stabbed, found passed out drunk or just areas not to go. Nice. I love IV.

After shopping, and a few drinks at 634 during the day we met a nice man that let me know I was responsible (my people) for keeping him down. I’ll remember that when my job takes out more money for his Social security and he makes a more money than me (tax free) pestering shoppers on the street. We had a camera but who knows if I’ll ever get copies of the prints and scan em….

That evening we hit two spots. Club 634 again and an old gem turned new hot spot: WildCats (15 W Ortega St.) 634 had the top 40/house/hip hop music/crowd going on. I found myself on stage a few times showing the peeps how to dance and I found I got along rather well with the locals. Spotted a Bart Simpson look-a-like. We cruzed down the street to Wildcats where earlier I had heard some underground beats and sure enough…underground. While in line I met the owner and he instructed us to go around the back. I guess they had reached capacity in the front but were able to let peeps back in on the DL. The place used to be called Club Arson until someone took it literally and burned it down. Now remodled in some gothic meets retro attire… the place is phat. Drinks good. Friendly ladies and good djs (finally). Read Mangazam’s School for the Santa Barbara DJ to get a picture of the crap I had to endure going by most of the other clubs: DJ School

On the way back up the coast we stopped by San Simeon to check out Hearst’s ridiculous representation of wealth…the Castle We lagged on making reservations and ended up on the last tour of the Garden To top it off it was raining and our tour lady sucked. “Ok over here is that big pool with some Greek statues… I think that one is supposed to be Neptune….and over here are some flowers n stuff…”

Over all a good time out from the bay…

Finally I’ll Leave you with this fitting mantra HERE Gotta have sound though…

Vegas Baby!

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Aug 292001

Ahhh Yeah!!! Damn I love this city. Every time I go, I never get enough of it but by the time I reach my planned exodus, I can’t handle any more of it. There really is too much to do for the young and this whole ploy by the casinos make it a family vacation spot really is more of a hindrance than a remedy to their tourist market. Walkin’ through the casinos, you’re always running into kids, or they’re nockin your drink over trying to get to the next blinky machine they can’t play… At any rate I’ll give the brief break down, with out pictures…I brought a camera, but who wants to carry one around when you need one hand for a Captain and Coke and the other to toss in your chips, use a buffet fork or grab a girl? I had been talkin’ about the trip all week and finally, late on Friday, I take the first available Stand-by flight out of San Jo … off to the Pleasure Dome. I was the last one on the flight and as I boarded the plane this Kat I met at the check in counter named Jared was getting off to go buy who knows what right before the flight was scheduled to leave. Thought nothing of it until we started to taxi down the runway and I saw his Blue Jays shit wearin’ ass running across the concrete right after our 737. Ha Ha Ha haaaa, it was like Liar Liar with out the stairway jacking…

We checked in to the Luxor Hotel at the end of the strip and began the boozing marathon. No plan, no action. Just a crew of 12 college buddies reunited again, with no responsibilities and more money to spend on good times than the last budget trip to LA. Sounds like a receipt for jail, eh? Almost but, not quite… I’ve gotta say Big Up to LEROY for starting this shit off right and getting this trip together. We hooked up a double room suite with the spa on the sunrise side of the Luxor Pyramid…Believe me I took advantage of that one…

Since there was no plan, the plan was to have some good food, win some money, get our groove on at some clubs and meet some people. It’s too hard to keep a crew that large together and when we started off on our first club – RA, everyone split within the first hour. Without going into too many details I’ll break down the highlights in efficient bullet format:

  • D Lau goes off in the cages at C2K.
  • Ben G wonders off and wakes up shirtless in the parking lot. Kicked out of 5 bars or casinos before finding his budget accommodations for the night.
  • Nigel feels up a wall. It must have had tits eh?
  • The SLC Utah girls.
  • Hamada of Japan – the only decent meal of the trip.
  • The RA Breaks.
  • Brian’s Birthday. Thank your Mom’s bro for the Pharaoh’s Pheast Buffet, even though I almost puked.
  • A Vegas heat wave at 110 F!
  • The Spa. We need to use it more next time!!!
  • 6 am strippers. Damn they are tore! You were right Dan!
  • The MGM Grand Pool – It’s still not the Hard Rock but it’s way above the Excalibur or the Luxor ‘ools
  • Crazy Horse Too…On the solo tip-Sunday this place is awesome! You all have to go.
  • Getting home to bed…

Notice that there is no mention of great riches taken at the tables. I didn’t gamble that much and when I did, I ended up down only $20 for the weekend. Clubs that we all frequented at various times, windows, and attempts: C2K, RA, Drai’s, Baby’s, Utopia, Studio 54 and the bar at the Howard Johnson’s. All in all it was great to see the boys again. I think we should return in November? Big up to Ben, Dan, LeRoy, Scotty, Nigel, Drew, Brian, JT, Tommy, Casey, B-Pack, and I know I’m forgetting like two boys here (let me know who and I’ll put you up *sorry*) OK. Good to see ya out Shana, Minda and Trace. I always see friends out in LV when I go. When I get the pictures that I did take, they will go in the Friends of Friends Album.

As a tribute to the Devils Play Ground I added a little travel info on the Adventure page for reference. I’ll make it a little more visually appealing when I have the time.

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