Slow commentary, back online

idiotsIt’s not avoidance, it’s just I’m tackling too many “hobbies” and focuses. Trying to put together some good photography, music, traveling and then furthering my professional career… I just haven’t had time to dive into long form blogging.

I’ve decided I’ll make an effort to get back to writing a few things down, diary style again and just see where it leads….

Today, an office day – and a frustrating one at that. I feel I’m spending way too much time on issues that don’t affect my bottom line and could vary easily fix themselves, but ignoring them for a while with the “hopes” the other person figures it out. Other days… they just persist like an irritating sunburn. I literally had to reply to someone today simply “Please re-read the email I just sent you an hour ago… you’ll find your answer”

I also got in an adrenaline fuels altercation with a NYC cabbie that nearly ran me over hanging a left while I was crossing the street. As I jumped back out of the way, I flashed my coffee all over his windshield and driver side door… Of course he stopped and got out to yell as if it was my fault he nearly hit me. If he continues to drive like that, he’s going to hit someone. He also had a passenger in the car that looked freaked out spinning out around me. It’s drivers like this that NYC yellow cab driver unions should fix if they want to gain ridership back from Uber… not legislate themselves back into the market.

Anyway, I’ll be back with a few day to days here… and as I work on my July photos (finally), I’ll start posting some of those soon too. Cheers!



morningI spent 3-4 hours finally trying to figure out why all the code on this site got screwed up. I’ve had to back up to an older version, loosing some later posts…. but back up and running.

I didn’t think my traditional blog was missed as much as it feels. Well I’m back and will make a concerted effort to post a sentence to a blog every other day…

More to come and happy 2014


I’m Back!!

The time has come to end joy itself
I’ve left my problems up on the shelf
The work days over and I’ve got it made
like Johnny Kemp said I just got paid….

It only took just over 1 year to get this thing back up; I’ve been spending too much time over at tumblr… I have about 50+ DRAFT posts started since 2010 and you’ll probably see a few pop in here and updated. I know that’s not proper journalistic integrity but for future archive history I’d like these notes of my personal journal to properly reflect their timeline. My stats show that no one is reading this because of my absence so it doesn’t matter anyway. Cheers to the next!


A Light Snow Tonight

I’m planning on getting up quite early tomorrow and seeing if I can get any good shots before the snow falling now will get trampled… The Kona Coffee is ground even if I won’t be ready for the jolting buzz of the 6 am alarm.


Camron – What Means The World To You

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New Tumblr Feed – Austin Vegas Dot Dot Dot

To my 147 RSS Feedsubscribers…. I’m sure you’ve never been to the other pages on so I wanted to send an update on the About page (which hasn’t been updated in quite some time) and provide a new feed for subscription to my Tumblr page (design tweeks to follow). The intention is for the content to be different for both feeds… One for original content (this site: Photography, commentary, daily diary etc.) and one for reblogging other peoples content (reposts, funnies, videos etc…) which is the Tumblr account

Subscribe here:

Let me know if you have any comments or feedback! cheers


Mystery of Missing and Predicting Time

I can’t believe it’s February already. The Time has escaped me and I look back at a month of limited progress. I question my dedication a little as this week, however, I’ve had several interviews yet none were inspiring. One I’m continuing the process and will see if I need to sell myself along with the managers on gaining a position. I hate to do it, but it’s necessary at this point.

While catching The Simpsons, I was asked “What are 5 words where “Y” is a vowel?” Do you know – answers after the pic:


Like I said above, my attitude is a little paralytic today. I’m vowing to make February an atypical month of my previous behavior, starting with a trip to the gym tomorrow. The wife’s cynical of my dedication, however, I have a renewed faith, despite the pending snow this week: Spring is coming pending a the sight of either Punksatony Phil or Staten Island Chuck.

Check out this syncopated beat (and that’s 5 “Y” words) from The Clash – The Equalizer:

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Sun Escape

Trader Joe's Line on MLK
The weather’s brightened up a bit here in New York. Just in time to hear the Southern Cali whiners crying about a little rain and a tornado watch.

With more time on my hands, and this nicer weather enticing me to get out, I’ve been shopping more at our only Trader Joe’s. This Monday, the line was longer than I had ever seen it since they opened in 2006. The last thing I need is to squeeze past unnecessary carts and old people trying to get less than 12 items so I can cut my line waiting time.

Washington Square Dead Zone - Click 2 Expand
I went today and despite the bad economy they still had food to sell me. As I was checking out, the floor manager and I got to talking about the weekend business and I was told TJ’s closed record sales on Monday of $218,000. Over the three day weekend they closed a killer half a million dollars in sales. Maybe it’s a good thing they are still a private company….

On the walk back, I went through Washington Square park. They’ve torn up the whole east and south sides of the park now. It’s horrible to look at and I only hope the city puts everything back just after the spring rain subsides. I still have a set of petanque balls that need tossing.

I’ve been playing around more with Photoshop, taking advantage of some Preset Actions and trying out some different compositions. For the most part, I think they aren’t that successful. For instance the below is a little over exposed and heavy on the contrast so it just doesn’t feel right to me. I gave up tonight as it’s close to midnight and needed to post something and get rested for tomorrow.

On a music note, I found a few data discs my sister had given me several years ago for Christmas. I appreciate the exchange of new choons, but I recall this particular year, I had a stack of over 15 with a mix of Jazz, House, Electronic, Goa, Trance, Down Tempo, Breaks, Psychedelic, Rock and Reggae music. My taste has evolved and I’m not that into the Trance, Progressive, electronic as much anymore so nearly half the discs I’ve grown out of favor. Finally I loaded the Reggae and Jazz which never gets old for me and found a new band I’ve never heard before: Midnite (Roots reggae from St. Croix). Here’s 2 tracks from early in this past decade. One is a shot out to those in Haiti struggling for survival and the other is for those news media outlets that refuse to cover the human suffering because they can’t get past their own political bias to support fellow humans regardless of race, beliefs or political background.

Midnite – Suffa Ra (right-click to download)

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Midnite – Propaganda (right-click to download)

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Christmas again today

Ridiculous al a cart airline pricing prevented my from taking home any of the holiday gifts I received from friends and family this past year. So this year I shipped everything to myself and flew back empty handed. Today, however, I get Christmas morning all over again as the UPS man huffed up 4 large packages of my loot. As I sliced open boxes filled packed well with bubble wrapped wine, cookbooks, and of course socks (the below are not my feet), that childish smile returned as I have new reading material for the month and a new grill pan for those left over Omaha Steaks I have in the freezer.

Jack Johnson – Bubble Toes

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Will Technology Lead to a Better Future or Just…

Technology is a part of everyones lives, now more so than ever. I never thought I would see the day that my mother got an iPhone before I would (or some other “cool” smart phone device – I’m still using a cracked Blackberry as shown below). 2010 is said to be the year we further our lives with tech and become more mobile, use more web based services (cloud computing), and demand that everything we do occur immediately (real time) and more locally defined (Geo tagging and local search).

2010 will drive people to use internet services more extensively than every before – we already are storing and sharing our photos and videos online (Flickr, Picasa, Smugmug, Fotki, YouTube etc.), email is primarily web based outside of corporate, we share thoughts and comments with friends through social networks (Facebook) and content services like Twitter, listen to our music on the web (Pandora, we shop more online today and all our financing goes to online rather than physical bothering with physical bank runs or working with actual brokers. These trends will continue.

2009 saw the death of clunky desktops but soon we’ll be looking to build our own server networks at home using small dumb access points like netbooks or our smart phones to connect to the internet. Internet, and more specifically wireless, will become standard plumbing of our lives. No longer a luxury, we’ll be connected more than ever by not only our PCs but our phones (MagicJack, Google Voice, Skype, Gizmo), gaming consoles, book readers, HDTVs (Roku, Sling box, Boxee, Netflix etc.) and other smart kitchen or home appliances. Thanks to new operating systems (Window 7 & Chrome OS) and the expansion of high speed Internet services (FiOS and AT&T U-verse) we are free to roam and implement these tools of our life more freely.

There’s a lot of talk about the Tablet making it’s presence known this year and I hope that’s true. Either it be Apple, Google (Android), Lenovo, or HP, it remains to be seen if these devices will live up to their hype.

However, the big question every year will all this tech help to make my life more easier, organized, and connected or will I be spending too much money for more complicated ways of doing simple tasks (e-readers, news delivery, making a phone call). With so much openness and our information freely available over unsecured wireless connections, will we see an increase in malware and security breaches of our finances and personal identities. The Federal government is already being proactive in warning Small Business owners to take note and with the introduction of all new technology, we should all take our time with these steps and understand fully the repercussions and risks before trying to take advantage of the rewards.


Mariah Carey had Billboard’s hottest played song of the decade with “We Belong Together”. Honestly I can’t say that I have even heard this song, but then again, I don’t listen to the radio anymore –, Pandora, or my own vinyl and mp3 collection are my formates of choice. I realize this label is based on radio impressions which is an industry term for saying these are the tracks records labels paid heavily to have played on the airways, and thus force feed to the consumer to buy, download, play and then throw up all over in 3 months. Of the 10 listed, I can still handle Usher’s Yeah! (but I will always have my NOLA memories of Flo-Rider’s Low).

Usher Featuring Lil Jon & Ludacris – Yeah!

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Although my profile would say that Santogold was my artist of choice for the year, Last didn’t scrobe every play I made over the year and I think a few of the old ladies plays got integrated here (come on, I’m not that big of an Édith Piaf fan). Also on top of my list is Thievery Corporation’s Mandala, which did have heavy rotation this last year in my iPod and I attented at least one of their live shows in 2009. Thievery is one of the most ethnically diverse groups I’ve heard, playing sounds ranging from Indian (tabla), Caribbean, reggae, house and jazz funk – all of which come together nicely on their latest release Radio Retaliation. They definitely epitomize my eclectic tastes in all these musical stylings thrown together into a congruent progression that is my iTunes collection. Mandala is a sweet track and up there for my top 5 of the year even though it was released late in 2008:

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