Cooking risotto

I’ve been cooking at home quite a bit the last few months and because of the time at home, been making my own chicken stock every week. I’ve found that a 3-4 lb chicken will make 12-14 cups of quality chicken stock (roast the chicken and use the bones and you’ve got meals for days). Chicken stock is the base for most of the soups and rice dishes I make, and having pneumonia now, and having gone through 2 weeks of the flu, this makes for quality recuperation food.

Today I created my first risotto recipe, starting from the idea of this recipe and adapting it to my own flavor profile and ingredients on hand. Instead of wine, I used a quality dry Spanish sherry and I can’t imagine anyone using anything but Arborio rice for a risotto. The Pernod was not used because of the use of sherry.

cooking risotto

I’m not going to pretend this is a foodie blog and take pictures of the entire process of cooking my food but I passed my first test without exception. Saute the onions, bring in the sherry, build the flavor with every dose of warmed stock and a few stirs… The end result was a little heavy on spinach but tastie and creamy none the less….

Poignant thoughts on priorities and focus

It was a great Thanksgiving weekend, despite having “walking pneumonia”. I’m still not recovered but sitting here trying to get my focus straight for the next week I have been reading a lot lately and found these thoughts I saved on a paper in one of my books. I don’t have a source, if you know it please send along:

Take a look around you, right this moment, and you’ll see the results of your past priorities. Whatever has been most important to you, whatever has been the focus of your time and commitment, has come to pass.

If you’re satisfied and fulfilled by where you are, you know what it took to get there and you can continue cheerfully along the same path. If you’re not completely pleased with the results of your past priorities, the first thing to do is change those priorities.

Every moment of every day you are committed to something. When enough of those moments are focused on a particular priority, on a particular possibility, that possibility will come to life.

Look at the possibilities that you’ve already brought to reality as the result of your focus and commitment. Whether you like the results or not, the fact is that you’ve definitely achieved results.

The question now is, what results would you like to achieve next? Aim your focus, aim your commitment, aim your priorities, aim the efforts of each moment in the direction of those results, and they will most certainly happen.

Time to get focused again.

Use Facebook, Don’t Obuse it.

If asked by an interviewer for a job position, would you show them your Facebook (or Myspace) profile? Based on unauthorized polling, counting comments on blogs on this etc., an over whelming number of people (less than 20% that actually have a profile, would actually offer up this site).

80 percent of companies use or are planning to use social networking to find and attract candidates this year.

More here from Guy Kawasaki on How to Go on the Offensive with Facebook