testing, 1, 2, 3, … this “thing” on yet??? well i guess this is all working eh…. fairly horrible front page though huh?… well i just started uploading today!!!!

When I’ve got most of everything up and rolling this site is going to rock! Well… I’ve got archives of written material I’d like to add (remains to be scene), but for now, it’s Memorial Weekend and I’ve got to go pay tribute to our war heroes but participating in Carnival in SF and get my groove on tonight…

(so this wasn’t posted today but i just reset my blog page and I’m still trying to work out the kinks…in my neck from being hunched over the keyboard…)


Pole Position 1

This is it. First post. Wow this internet thing is cool eh?

Ok so there you have it, the start of Austin Vegas Dot Com and the writings, musing and other ideas to come here soon. I know you all are biting your nails to read more! Soon as I work on the design and content!