Women are Crazy!

So I posted the start of my interesting email saga from the married husband and his cheating wife. Here’s a little more. I met this woman (we’re calling her Jenna) with a cool demeanor and a great “story” – I say that because everything flows like wine and all is well in the world of this woman except, if you dig deeper, there are skeletons, deception and deceit all wrapped up in the story.

The story I was given:

  • This is a single woman
  • She’s an editor of a fitness magazine
  • She wants to publish my writing via reviews of local spas, gyms etc in the magazine

The reality:

  • She’s married – this is her second time
  • She has no authority to publish my writings
  • She’s cheated on her previous husband
  • Her husband reads her emails and letters
  • I was used! *smile*

The below is a email I received after replying to an initial email I received from her husband that “he knows” about us and I had sent my honest reply that I wasn’t aware of the reality and I do apologize for any part in the splintering of their relationship. The names and locations have been changed to protect the interesting…


First off, let me say thank you for being so considerate and receptive in replying to me…I know that you didn’t have to do that. I am just now checking my E-Mails since Sunday, that’s why I haven’t responded to yours yet. I get the feeling from your E-Mail that you’re not the kind of person to willingly participate in something like this, so therefore, I would like to tell you what Jenna told me. Please keep in mind that I will not be offended if you don’t wish to reply to this E-Mail, although I must say, I’d be curious to know if I’ve heard the whole truth from her, and
other than her, you’re the only one who knows the truth. I’ll try to keep this as short as necessary.

When Jenna returned home Monday morning I was waiting for her at her apartment. We spent the rest of the day with Jenna lying to me about having any kind of sexual relationship with you. I told her that all things considered, it just didn’t add up that she hadn’t had sex. I read a few of the E-Mails she sent to you, some of the flirtatious things she said…I pointed out the fact that she was in a big hurry to see you again after having just spent a whole weekend with you a couple of weeks back. Jenna had a LOT of good, almost believable reasons for the E-Mails, the trip, why she didn’t sleep with you, etc…Academy Award winning acting, really. Finally, at the end of the day, I asked her again for the 20th time to tell me the whole truth, at which point I also told her that I’d E-Mailed you. She didn’t believe me at first. I asked her what she was going to say if I received an E-Mail back from you telling me the opposite of what she had been saying…she had a lot of interesting answers at first, including;

“He’ll probably think it’s a joke E-Mail from me and he might reply ‘Yah, I fucked her, so what ?'”

also I received:

“Well, if he said we’d slept together, he’d be lying.

I also asked her to look me in the eye and tell me she wasn’t lying…she pulled that one off almost perfectly.
So, finally, after about another hour of this, she admitted that in fact, she had slept with you…but only once, and that she had used protection. I thanked her for her honesty, and like you, I have always pointed out to Jenna the importance of telling the truth, for her own sake as a person so that she knows who she is and where she’s going in life, as well as for the sake of the other person. I had really hoped that she had learned this lesson since the debacle with her husband.

So, after a day of discussion, I finally managed to drag out of her this morning what I had suspected since the beginning, which is that she in fact had slept with you more than once…all weekend long in fact.
Now, here’s what I’ve been told;

      1. This last weekend was the first time she ever had intercourse with you.
      2. There were 2 times when the sex was “Unprotected”.
      3. She never had any orgasms (because she “wasn’t really in to it”…I don’t buy it, but it’s an answer I’d expect from her…if it was so bad, why did she keep going back for more and why didn’t she leave on Sunday when you wanted her to ?)
      4. The only thing that happened in Arizona was kissing.
      5. Nothing ever happened between you two in Las Vegas about 6 months back (which I didn’t doubt at the time but now I’m curious).

As far as our relationship on the whole has been I’m very curious to know what was said about me. Jenna has said to me that she did this because I told her that I couldn’t discuss our personal relationship anytime soon, because of the problems with my Dad’s death…this is partly true, however, I also told her that she had the option to leave the relationship, to not have to go through this if she didn’t want to. I acknowledged that we’d had ups and downs, and that this might be asking too much of someone who was not a wife or even a fiancé’, but was in fact only a girlfriend. She said that she would stick it out…needless to say; I thought that I’ve had a solid relationship for the last 6 months. Since her and I have talked, I pointed out to her the fact that I never meant that if she was so unhappy and on the verge of wanting to be with someone else, that I wouldn’t talk to her about that…I mean, come on, what’s the alternative, not discuss it and have this happen ?!?!? She has finally admitted that she is completely to blame for what has happened, and that there were no excuses. I am sorry if she was unhappy, I wouldn’t want her to be, but she did something completely unacceptable to cure that unhappiness.

The problems with my Father’s death are many…his body still has not been located. When we reported him missing, we had hoped for months that somehow, everything would come out ok. The hard part has been all of hard work in trying to find out what was going on and the stress that goes with it, which started as concern, turned to worry, then fear, then sorrow when we found out we’d been afraid of, and now also anger. All of his possessions were stolen by the people who murdered him, they literally took everything he owned and put it in a truck and began selling it as they moved across the country, including his antique collection, which he’d spent years building up. Today, I don’t even now what I’ll get back of the items he owned, if the people they’ve arrested will ever face a murder charge (hard to prove without a body), and on top of this, I may have the government waiting to take a bite out of his life savings (he had taken an early retirement and was ready to enjoy it when his life was taken). Well, my point in telling you all of this is not for sympathy sake, but so you know that whatever “Attention” you had mentioned that Jenna thought she wasn’t getting and needed, seems somehow inappropriate given what I have had to deal with over the last 6 months. I’ve told Jenna that she hasn’t in fact really been there for me now when I need her. I was there for her when her marriage was falling apart and she was extremely depressed. Obviously she hasn’t been there for me, or else she wouldn’t have done this. I think some people in this life are givers and some are just plain receivers…I won’t say that Jenna can’t be generous and considerate at all, but I have finally come to realize just how fucked up in the head she truly is, as she seems to only be generous and considerate when she’s getting something out of it, namely me or whomever she’s set her eyes upon. True selfless generosity is a concept that seems lost on her.

So, Austin, this E-Mail has been much longer than I had hoped it would be (for your sake). There is so much more to a relationship of this length, and I could write way too much for any person to have to bear, but I hope that I’ve enlightened you a little bit as to the person I thought that I knew. I have always loved Jenna, within weeks of meeting her really, which is only the second time in my life, out of all of my girlfriends over the years, that I’ve felt that way about (the first time was ten years ago!). I don’t consider myself to be an idiot, because I must say, Jenna has sold me on her virtue quite well, but apparently, I’ve been “Messing with the master” of liars…believe me when I tell you, she has a serious problem with the truth, but more importantly, she’s extremely capable of very destructive, believable lies.

Thanks for taking the time to read this…I can completely understand how you must feel about this, and that I’m sure you don’t need this kind of headache in your life, because you haven’t done anything wrong, but thanks to my girlfriend, you’ve had to endure these E-Mails from me because she can’t tell me the truth. In any case, as I said, I won’t be offended if I never hear from you again, and I won’t be sending anymore E-Mails your way if I don’t hear from you.



Corporate Softball

Our bad news bears softball team played again today…we celebrated today!! the ump didn’t have to utilize the mercy rule on us today. first time all season we completed a full game. whoo hoo!!! — this is another test post cuz I’m checking the damn code. debug is only fun if you get it fixed the first time…

Well to actually preface that last part. I started the first company softball team… hey I was feeling lazy sitting in my cube all day… and well its a success from a turn out standpoint and the fact that I got the company to sponsor us – provided we have a co-ed team… which is great! but getting the girls to come out and play is like pulling teeth or in their case breaking nails…

I can see this being a great thing for the company I just hope they stick with it…despite our losing record.


testing, 1, 2, 3, …..is this “thing” on yet??? well i guess this is all working eh…. fairly horrible front page though huh?… well i just started uploading today!!!!

When I’ve got most of everything up and rolling this site is going to rock! Well… I’ve got archives of written material I’d like to add (remains to be scene), but for now, it’s Memorial Weekend and I’ve got to go pay tribute to our war heroes but participating in Carnival in SF and get my groove on tonight…

(so this wasn’t posted today but i just reset my blog page and I’m still trying to work out the kinks…in my neck from being hunched over the keyboard…)

Pole Position 1

This is it. First post. Wow this internet thing is cool eh?

Ok so there you have it, the start of Austin Vegas Dot Com and the writings, musing and other ideas to come here soon. I know you all are biting your nails to read more! Soon as I work on the design and content!