South Lake wildlife

On the runwayFour hours on the runway and not a bolt of lightning piercing the Airbus A320 port hole windows. Apparently the eastern corridor has been squeezed on the south and north by heavy thunderstorms and here we sit, in line with 29 other large aircraft waiting for the call from the tower to launch in time for a clean pass through the Appalachian mountains. What a way to start what’s supposed to be a relaxing weekend in South Lake Tahoe.

It’s Darin‘s Bachelor party and per his instruction, its to be a pure male bonding weekend with no lady friends or no whore/strippers… I think some where out there, this totally goes against the guy code… male bonding = whore strippers – come on! Anyway, I headed up Friday afternoon with Adam 12 in his Audi TT and being that I haven’t been back in CA since the Xmas holidays, I needed my fix of a few things. With road trips, this is namely a mandatory stop at In N Out burger for one of my favorite fast food artery killers – the double double animal style!

With the glisten of burger grease on my shirt, 12 n I powered on through the Placerville slow down and we were the first to arrive over the ridge to our play land for the weekend. We quickly cased the strip – and I mean in 20 minutes because its that big and found a spot on the Lake Tahoe Blvd to kick it and have some local porter beer. Met a couple locals that had a pirates of the Caribbean party rolling that evening, however, I knew there wasn’t going to be enough organization in this group to rally to a house party.

2 taps down and we headed out to our first look at our temp residence. Our spot was on the California side, off Pioneer Trail – a 5 bedroom, 5 bath, 4100 sq foot cabin sitting on an acre of land in the hills of Lake Tahoe. Hot tub, pool table, foose, leather couches, triple headed showers, flat screens in every room, and did I mention a huge hot tub… pimp… I already know I’ll be heading back in the winter – with 10 ppl of course.

The plan was to bring up the equipment and the fear was with a house of 12 DJs who there’s got to be fights over deck time… the reality, the decks were still in san luis obispo and the sterio blew base tube blew out in the first 2 hours… So…the majority of the weekend was spent chillin, talkin shit, tossin a foot ball at Zepher cove, drinkin, bbqin, smokin cubans, gaming, drinkin, chillin and talkin shit… Great to get out of the city and see some friends again… Here’s to Darin’s life with big Red!

Rest of the photos from the weekend